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We had a wonderful holiday. The villa as well as your service were good.

Manolioudas villa was a very nice and beautiful house. Built of local stone the villas blend into their surroundings. The vegetable garden produces a lot of fruit and vegetables, which we were allowed to eat as much as we wanted. The melons and tomatoes were a feast for the taste buds. Our youngest ate the mini tomatoes as if they were candy, which is quite something for a fifteen-year-old. For people who like to cook (like us) it was great: fully equipped kitchen, good quality pots and pans etc. The outside oven is great for making pizzas, kindle can be gathered in the garden. The outside oven has all you need like a roasting spit and grids.
The view is magnificent, you can see the mountains to the left and right and behind you, with the sound of sheep and crickets as background music, the front side of the house offers a view of Bali and the sea, this is all very relaxing.
The owners spent a week in the villa next to us and invited us for a Greek dinner, great fun and good food. My husband helped preparing the food, so he could add a few recipes to his recipe book. The owners were impressed by his tatziki. We can look back on a wonderful holiday.

Nearby Bali is a small tourist village, sandy beaches, but rocks and stones once you’re in the sea. The other nearby village of Panorma is very nice, small scale tourism and low buildings. It offers a few small and beautiful sandy beaches. The village still looks rather authentic and has some nicely situated restaurants. The village of Fodele (birthplace of El Greco) is also very nice, with a good beach. This inland village is quiet and is a good starting point for some walks.
Rethymnon is a touristy town, but its beach is fantastic.