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About Villa Kreta

Villa Kreta is a small, professional and flexibel holiday rental accommodation firm, established in the Netherlands and registered with the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce.
With pleasure we rent for twenty years about fourty villas on Crete, most of them owned by Greek people.

We have chosen to find quietly located and small-scale accommodations especially for you. You will find no resorts or all inclusive hotels on our website, but you will find just this very nice house in an authentic village, that luxurious villa with swimming pool, or – for a real dreamholiday- one of the exclusive villas; is there anything else you’d like? And in all cases: sun, sea and peace and quiet in plenty…..

We have visited all accommodations, photographed them and in some cases we have even stayed in them. We know the owners or the local caretakers personally and meet with them regularly. We are based in the Netherlands, but we go to Crete very often to visit the accommodations and to look for new locations  ‘far from the madding crowd’.

The car rental company with whom we closely work together is established in South Crete. All you have to do is send us the type of car you want and the flight details, we take care of the rest. Your car will be waiting for you in front of the airport or will be delivered to your holiday accommodation if desired.

We will be happy to give you advice personally, if you want us to. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or by phone, whatever you prefer.


You can have a look at our website, make reservations or ask for extra information by e-mail 24 hours per day. We will give you a quick reply, also in the evening or in the weekend.
Of course we guarantee the reliability of the information on our site: it will give you a right impression of the villas and the area.
After you have booked we will send you all necessary information, the tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions by e-mail. You don’t need a credit card for payment; you can use a bank transfer or pay through online banking.

Flight tickets

The only thing you have to do is book a plane ticket. The nearest airport for most of the villas is Heraklion. For a small number of them it is Chania airport, which is indicated in the information about each villa. Be sure to use a registered travel agency or book directly through an airline company. Information about this can be found in the ticket section on our website.
Difficult? Hardly, but if you do need help we will be happy to offer it.
We also advise you to take out a good travel and cancellation insurance, you can include the accommodation in this insurance.

Your arrival on Crete

When you arrive at your villa (or the next day, if arrival time was very late) the owner or caretaker will
show you around. You can ask questions and get information if you like. Before your departure you
will have received a couple of telephone numbers which you can use during your stay if there are any
problems. We will also send you a good and detailed route description and some information about the area.



We also have an office on Crete which will support you if any problem occurs. For instance when you have to return home early in case of  family circumstances or in case of hospital admission; we will do our utmost to provide the necessary support. Fortunately most of the time we won’t be needed at all; we will not bother you if everything is fine and will leave you to enjoy your holiday.

Our conditions and your security

Our general tenancy conditions are published on our website (right side on the bottom of the homepage). We will also send it to you together with the tenancy agreement if you book through Villa Kreta.
We are specialised in letting holiday accommodations on Crete. Our guests do not  only come from Holland, but from various European countries.

We formulated our general tenancy conditions very carefully; we would venture that these are customer friendly and clearly written. We will send you a contract (tenancy agreement) with all the details.
All accommodations/owners have a third-party insurance that covers any damage for our guests, if  caused by defects of the accommodation.
Of course you are liable for any damage caused by you. Your own third- party insurance wil cover this risk.

Our service is very good: our communication with guests as well as with owners is quick and clear. The opinion of our guests over the recent years may be of more interest to you: please read the digital guestbooks at the descriptions of the villas and houses.