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General conditions

General Tenancy Conditions Villa Kreta
( December 2021)

To avoid any misunderstandings we stipulate a number of general conditions that apply to all our tenancy agreements and also to the preceding reservation process. Alterations to the agreements and deviations from  these general conditions will only be valid in case of a written agreement with us.

Whom are you doing business with?
Through Villa Kreta you enter a tenancy agreement with the owner of the relevant accommodation as lessor. Villa Kreta  acts as authorised representative for the lessor in making the agreement.
Any reference to ‘we’  should be interpreted as Villa Kreta and the owner of the accommodation.

What are you going to rent?
You are going to rent one of the properties from our web site The information on this site and all other information we give, has been composed very carefully and to the best of our abilities. The descriptions of the accommodations, the location and the pictures will give you a good idea about what to expect. We have visited all accommodations ourselves. When it comes to seizes and distances, slight differences might occur. After composing the information there might be alterations. We will do our utmost to inform you in time. However, you will be responsible for the choice you make, based on the information on

All prices are stated in Euros. The rental prices include the use of water, electricity and linen. The costs of airconditioning and cleaning are also included unless mentioned otherwise. We charge 25,- Euro reservation costs for each booking. The deposit will be remitted to your account within four weeks after the end of your holiday. Any damage in accordance with the liability regulations mentioned below will be deducted in the deposit remittance.

Reservation process
A preliminary reservation is made at the moment you have given Villa Kreta a verbal, written or e-mail instruction to make a reservation for you and when  receipt is acknowledged by us. In order to make a tenancy agreement we need name, address, phone number and date of birth of the main lessee and the personal details and date of birth of all travelling companions. We will send you a tenancy agreement in duplicate and the general terms  and conditions by return.
A signed copy of the tenancy agreement must be send back to Villa Kreta and a 30% down payment transferred to us. The money must be in our account within 8 days. By then your reservation will be final.

Travelling information
No later than one week before the commencement of your holiday you will receive detailed information from us by mail, e.g.: route description to the rented accommodation, information about management, the key, house rules and information about the area. If applicable we will also send you the rental car voucher. We will require your flight details; travelling date, flight numbers, expected time of arrival and  departure time from Heraklion. These details will be given to the local caretaker in Crete and, if necessary, to the car rental firm.

Terms of payment
Within eight days after the reservation the down payment of 30% should be in our account. The outstanding amount (70%) should be in our account within 6 weeks before the agreed tenancy period. If we have not received the money by then, we consider the agreement cancelled by the lessee and the cancellation conditions mentioned below will apply. At the same time we are entitled to offer the accommodation to other prospective lessees.
If you make a reservation less than six weeks before the start of the tenancy period prompt payment of the entire rent price will be required.

Cancellation Conditions

Cancellation by the lessee
Any cancellation must be in writing. The cancellation costs mentioned below will be on-charged.
• cancellation within 56 days before the start of the tenancy period: 30%
• cancellation from 56 to 28 days before the start of the tenancy period: 50%
• cancellation  on or within 28 days before the start of the tenancy period: 100%

The date of the postmark or the e-mail is decisive in this matter. These percentages are calculated at the total invoice excluded the deposit.

If the lessee does not use the accommodation or leaves it before the end of the tenancy period, there will be no restitution.

Cancellation by the lessor
If , to circumstances beyond our control, we have to cancel a tenancy agreement the lessee will immediately be notified and we will restitute your money.
Apart from this we will do our utmost to offer another accommodation. If you accept this accommodation we will ask the rent price of this accommodation.

Circumstances beyond our control are all circumstance that prevent us to observe  the tenancy agreement, but for which we are not to blame.

We advise you to take a good cancellation and travel insurance. If you take a cancellation insurance for your tickets,  you can include the accommodation in this insurance.

House rules
Apart from the various house rules for each separate accommodation , it is not allowed in any of the accommodations to:
- have pets inside the house
- use a barbecue in or close to the accommodation
- make an open fire

unless you have our emphatic and written permission beforehand.
(see: liability of lessee)

Liability of the lessee
You are responsible for the property and you are expected to take great care of it and to strictly follow instructions on the use of installations and equipment. You are liable for damage occurring during your stay which is caused by you or any of the other occupants. Liability is not limited to the deposit, we will invoice you for the costs of any damage exceeding the deposit.
N.B. If you notice any breakage or damage upon arrival, please inform the local caretaker. This is important in order to establish whether and to what extent you are liable.

Liability of the lessor
For our part we will do our utmost to fulfil our obligations as lessor. However, we do not accept liability for:

- an interruption of or alteration to your stay or anything that prevents you to stay in the accommodation due to unforeseen or insuperable events beyond our control.
- inconveniences and damage because of interruption of water supply or electricity caused by a third party, such as local government or council, etc.
-  loss, theft or damage of luggage, personal belongings or vehicle.
-  costs resulting from not arriving at the accommodation in time due to delays.

Complaints procedure
If you have any complaints about your accommodation we will do whatever it takes (within the limits of our possibilities) to resolve them. We can only do this if you inform us immediately via the local caretaker. Small problems ( a leaking tab, a broken lamp or a complaint regarding cleaning of the house) can be solved directly with the caretaker.
If a problem cannot be solved with the caretaker, please contact us as soon as possible either by phone or e-mail. Inform us how we can contact you. Via our local contacts we will give our all to satisfy you and to ensure that you have a pleasant holiday.
Of course it is possible to submit a written complaint afterwards, but by then your holiday is over. The best way for all parties involved is to act immediately when a problem occurs. The necessary phone numbers can be found in the travelling information.

Insofar imperative rules of international law do not decree otherwise, all offers and agreements come under Dutch law and disputes will be settled by a Dutch judge.

Privacy policy
Villa Kreta respects your privacy. Your personal details remain strictly confidential and will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We will not give personal details to a third party, unless this is needed in order to be of service to you. In this context your name and flight details will be given to the local caretakers and/or the car rental firm.